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Franchisees can make the most of a range of social networks using their websites.

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Social Sharing

  • Facebook

    Over 500 million registered users

  • Twitter

    Over 106 million registered users

  • LinkedIn

    Over 100 million registered users

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We encourage franchisees to join the most useful social networks and learn how to utilise them effectively - spreading the word about their customers to thousands of people online.

Our online platform provides simple, usable integration with popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Delicious and more, enabling social sharing and bookmarking.

Visitors can share, bookmark, email, and recommend business listings, local news, local jobs, adverts and more using these social tools. We are finding them to be incredibly popular and a great source of website traffic.

A recent study2 shows that the number-one advantage of social media marketing is generating more business exposure (88% of respondants). Increased traffic (72%) and improved search rankings (62%) were also major advantages.

We supply all you need to make an impact for your customers using social marketing, including your own CityLocal branded Facebook page, as well as Facebook social plugins and other effective means of spreading the word online!

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1 Source: Internet Advertising Bureau. 2 Source: Voucher Buddy

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